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Re: Bug#126856: kernel-package: kernel-image should deal with flavours just like modules packages

>>"martin" == martin f krafft <madduck@madduck.net> writes:

 martin> also sprach Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> [2002.01.06.1016 +0100]:
 >> Wrong. Read the documentation on the Flavours before using
 >> it. This is the reason that Flavours are deprecated, incidentally. 

 martin> okay, i did read /usr/share/doc/kernel-package/Flavours.gz, but it
 martin> really just didn't solve my problem.

	That does not make it a bug in the package.

 martin> the reason that i am objecting to closing this bug is because
 martin> i have official debian packages here to compile my kernels
 martin> and modules, and what i get out is *broken*. i don't care
 martin> whether flavours are (going to be) deprecated, that feature
 martin> exists with the release of kernel-package that i have, and
 martin> thus i should be able to use it.

	Yes. And the feature requires you to patch the
 Makefile. Always has. Just because you failed to read the
 instructions and did not know how the feature worked does not make it
 a package bug.

 martin> i am thus reopening the bug

	And I am reclosing it.

 martin> as well as raising its severity, not because i want to "catch
 martin> attention" or anything, but because kernel-package violates
 martin> debian policy!

	How so?

 martin> when i compile the kernel as flavour "fishbowl" and the
 martin> kernel-image*.deb package places its modules into
 martin> /lib/modules/2.4.17, while proper modules packages like
 martin> alsa-driver or pcmcia-cs put their modules in
 martin> 2.4.17+fishbowl, then there is a problem. without manual
 martin> interaction, you won't get the new kernel to see the modules
 martin> of the modules package. and that i consider a serious bug!

	This is pilot error. Had you modified the Makefile like you
 are required to in order to use the flavours target, this would not
 happen. Next time, read the instructions first.

 martin> so this is pretty much two bugs, the first one has major effects on
 martin> usability, the second violates the policy. i don't think this bug is
 martin> closed yet.

	No, this is the user not reading the instructions, and
 creating a mess.

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