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vlc, sdl and xlibs-pic conflict

   I guess I'm just a tad thick here but I don't understand 
the rational for the following conflict. My debian ppc sid
machine is current for all the packages in sid and has xlibs-pic
installed as well. I discovered that when I tried to do...

apt-get -b source vlc

for the latest vlc-0.2.92-7 package to build locally that I got
a failure in the link. The problem disappears when I deinstall
xlibs-pic and then try rebuilding vlc again. The difference seems
to be that when xlibs-pic is installed I get a build with...

gcc -fPIC -o ../sdl.so sdl.o vout_sdl.o aout_sdl.o -shared -L/usr/lib
-lSDL -lpthread -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXxf86dga_pic -lXxf86vm_pic -lXv_pic

which causes a link failure on vlc later on with unresolved symbols
from those static pic libs whereas when xlibs-pic is deinstalled I get...

gcc -fPIC -o ../sdl.so sdl.o vout_sdl.o aout_sdl.o -shared -L/usr/lib
-lSDL -lpthread -L/usr/X11R6/lib 

and I get no link failures on vlc. I assume this is a flaw in vlc where
the static pic libs are being incorrectly linked into a shared lib
instead of the final program itself. I have passed this info onto the
vlc maintainer but since you did the sdl NMU and I assume this link
command is created using sdl-config, I thought you should be in the loop.
Perhaps xlibs-pic should be installed on all the build machines when
programs that link to libsdl1.2 are built so we can tickle this bug
and identity all the programs that need to be fixed. Call me silly but
it seems to me a program shouldn't have a build failure just because
xlibs-pic is installed.
ps No more postings to announcements please (grin).

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