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Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian

On 04 Jan 2002 01:33:35 +0200
Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net> wrote:

> I think the real "debian problem" is not about maintainers MIA, orphaned
> packages or slow release cycles. The real problem is about lack of
> smooth introduction of new participants, and a complicated, undocumented
> internal structure. It is about unclear goals - what is the target
> audience or audiences of debian?
smooth introduction? you never heard of policy, maint-guide, developers'
reference, web pages, etc, have you?

target audience has nothing to do with this... here are the problems:
Debian needs updated and good documentation, Debian needs good packages,
Debian needs smooth integration between packages, Debian needs to solve
the bugs listed in the BTS's pages... work is something that is not
missing here...

and come on, a person who is really willing to concentrate on writing
missing documentation is probably reading this list and knows of all
this stuff

> If these matters were clear, more people would concentrate on writing
> missing documentation (where is the "debian system administrators guide"
> or the "debian desktop user's guide"?) finding MIA maintainers, fixing
I've been trying to start a guide with this name (debian desktop user's
guide), but in portuguese... lack of time is a real problem...


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