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Re: Sponsor for gkrellm-newsticker

I demand that Hereward Cooper may or may not have written...

> I'm looking for a sponsor for gkrellm-newsticker.

> The upstream can be found at
> http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/~tisa-in/newsticker.html The debian package can be
> found at http://www.zadok.uklinux.net/debian

> Gkrellm-newsticker scrolls headlines retrieved from news sites such as /.
> and debian planet on your gkrellm system bar. It has support for the common
> RDF news format.

I tried building this here (testing; libcurl-ssl is installed), and hit a
problem with the build dependencies.

Fair enough, libcurl-dev wasn't installed, but the problem persists on
installation of libcurl-ssl-dev (but 'debuild -d' helps). So either:

 * gkrellm-newsticker should Build-Depend on libcurl-dev | libcurl-ssl-dev
   (versioning as already given in its debian/control file), or

 * libcurl2-ssl should provide libcurl2;
   libcurl-ssl-dev should provide libcurl-dev;
   and an appropriate bug report should be filed.

Checking other packages (in unstable)...

These Build-Depend on either:
  tclcurl           0.9.2-1
  php4              4.1.1-1
  libcurl-easy-perl 1.1.8-1
  came              1.2-1

These don't:
  logjam            3.0.1-2

It looks as if both logjam and gkrellm-newsticker have it wrong, *but* I
think that it'd be easier to use the Provides option.

(For some reason, packages.d.o doesn't seem to want to return 'came' in the
package search results...)

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