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package upgrade statistics

145 packages upgraded, 12 newly installed, 1 to remove and 4 not upgraded.
Need to get 91.4MB of archives. After unpacking 4027kB will be used.

- from an apt-get dist-upgrade in Debian testing.

I find these things impressive.  I have, many times, heard people who were
elated to discover the beauty of apt.  I think if we start collecting more
statistics to share, it could help more people understand why they should
try Debian.

Things like, since the beginning of time:
How many package upgrades have I done ?
How much total file size have I downloaded for upgrades ?
How much time has all this downloading taken ?
How much time has all the package configuration taken ?
How much time has all the package installation taken ?
How many complete (dist-)upgrades have I done ?
How many (and which) Debian distributions have I gone through ?

I think the right place to collect this might be in apt.  I have a few
beginning thoughts on specifics, but this just occurred to me about 18
minutes ago.  I am willing to invest time in this.

I have *never* reinstalled Debian (except when I had unrelated hardware
failure).  I think these could result in some pretty impressive

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