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Re: Bug 99208

On 31 Dec 2001, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

> Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:
> > If only the location but not the contents of the files changed from
> > potato to woody, you can use the prerm to copy/move the files to the
> > new location before dpkg realizes they didn't previously exist.
> >
> > If both the location and the contents changed you can keep a small
> > database of md5sums to decide whether or not to put the new files
> > in place in the prerm before dpkg prompts.
> Neither changed.  All that changed was whether the files were marked
> as conffiles.

Are you sure? dpkg does not prompt in such case.

To be sure, I created a dummy package foo_1 containing a single file
/etc/hello. Additionally, foo_2 has /etc/hello as a conffile.
Upgrading foo from 1 to 2 does not make dpkg to prompt.

It does prompt if I manually change /etc/hello before upgrading to foo_2.

It does also prompt if the version of /etc/hello inside the .deb
changed from foo_1 to foo_2. However in this case it does not prompt
if I manually change /etc/hello by the version inside foo_2.deb before
upgrading to foo_2. I think this is what happens in your case. You can
avoid the prompt by writing a prerm which replaces /etc/hello by the
version in foo_2 if it happens to be identical to the version inside

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