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Re: visual c

On Sat, 29 Dec 2001, Erik Steffl wrote:
>   there is also a number of other libraries (for GUI), I don't think you
> have to use ms libs, you can use e.g. wxwindows, qt etc..., also, if the
> application doesn't have complicated gui the porting might be fairly
> easy... (it also depends on how well the app is designed, if the gui is
> farily independent of back-end it's much easier to port it).

   Without knowing anything about his application it's hard to say, but
it is easy to end up using MS specific things when coding on Windows.
And it's not just about the GUI: it's also about ReadFileEx,
CreateMutex, CreateProcess, registry APIs, ACL management, asynchronous
file operations, COM/DCOM, ...

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