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Some Crazy and Happier Ideas for 2002


I hereby restart my long-forgotten, yet ancient, tradition of posting ridiculous mails to this newsgroup. Why ? I believe in the allmighty power of self-organisation :P And have to work till 11pm 31/12/01 until 07am today 01/01/2002. I'm not looking to cause flame-wars, rants or what so ever. I apologise for sharing such grief in such an inappropriate way :P This is my only way out of seemingly eternal boredom.

A Marvelous New Year to all of you people and all your friends friends who care about Free !!!

// Dear Santa, Don't take me to serious on this //

[ The madness starts here ]

[] Distributed Webserver Project

 Provides a way to distribute webpages across available cable/adsl/other hosts and estimates the fastest server to serve you a particular page depending on the load of one of the distributed server(s) [.] // let's call this crazy //

[] Distributed Render Internet Rendering Daemon

 I've posted this on NAN (www.blender.nl) as well. This 'thing' should provide a way of distributing those cpu-cycle hungry render scenes across a select (or grid-like) number of hosts resulting in massive rendering power for non-professionals [.] // some work is allready done but i have great PLANS, as does every raving madman //

[] Porting of Debian/GNU to the QNX Microkernel System

 Pretty much sums it up [] // Why not, Debian is cool, QNX is cool //

[] Porting of the QNX proprietary Gui to GNU/Linux-BSD ...

 This GUI is beautifull, practical, fast, low fat. Sweeeet.
Someone please do so ... please. http://get.qnx.com/

 Don't you agree X is just too sluggish on slower systems [?] // To good to be true i guess ;(

[] Take a look at www.transgaming.com

 Someone tell me this is not the one thing you need to start moving to Linux Completely !!! If it weren't only to ease those eventual transitional ordeals [:)] // <grin> //

[] An Open Source Software Fund is raised

 This is like a deposit where you can invest into shares for Open Source projects. The developper/team posts release wich must be approved for by the depositors in order to receive their future funding. Quality Approved sort of to speak. [] // That's a happy idea ain't it ? //

[] A spanking new hardware platform without any compromise to aged standards is released and produced. Linux is the OS of choice together with BSD and other Open OS's. Plain boxes with just a couple connectors, stylish, vector, plain [] // Oh well, sick of that x86 like alley, gimme something cool //

[ Madness might end just about here ]

Thanks for sticking around.

Feel free to express frustration, ethousiasm at my adress at all times. Do stay somewhat polite however, frustration can be quite boring <grin>



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