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Re: Debian installer

At  1:53 am, Tuesday, January  1 2002, Penguin mumbled:
> How does it work? Broad overview: does it install a root filesystem and 
> simply do a huge cp /mnt/cdrom/package /wherever then configure, or what?
As I understand it, when you partition a drive, it mounts the too-be root
partition as /target, and the other partitions you delegate under /target.
It then un'tar's the base tarball into /target, makes Linux bootable if you
said it could, and then reboots. And then you configure the network, apt,
and a few other things, and it drops you to tasksel, or dselect. And then it
uses them to install the rest of the system.

There, a brief overview. And horribly i386-centric, to boot.

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