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Source-only uploads

Last I asked on #debian-devel, source-only uploads aren't allowed (as in, you
can't just upload the orig.tar and the diff.  With auto-builders in place, is
there any reason why?

There are reasons why source-only uploads should be preferred, some being:

- The package can be compiled on boxes that are up-to-date with bugfixes in gcc
and other Build-Depends.  I personally don't upgrade my sid box that often
(I currently have to upgrade 843 new packages, install 33 new ones, remove 17
for a dist-upgrade, understand why? :)

- Wouldn't the binaries be more trusted if they came from auto-builders anyways?
So that way a maintainer can't just stick something in there that's not in the
source code.

Binary uploads should be allowed for packages that don't have source code at
all or ones that depend on themselves for bootstrapping.

For every other package, why aren't we using a source-only upload system right

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