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Counting potatoes: the size of Debian 2.2


Maybe some of you could be interested in having a look at a paper we
have just made public: "Counting potatoes: the size of Debian 2.2". This
is an excerpt of the abstract:

"[...] we use David A. Wheeler's sloccount system to determine the
number of physical source lines of code (SLOC) of Debian 2.2 (aka
potato). We show that Debian 2.2 includes more than 55,000,000 physical
SLOC (almost twice than Red Hat 7.1, released about 8 months later),
showing that the Debian development model (based on the work of a large
group of voluntary developers spread around the world) is at least as
capable as other development methods [...] It is also shown that if
Debian had been developed using traditional proprietary methods, the
COCOMO model estimates that its cost would be close to $1.9 billion USD
to develop Debian 2.2. In addition, we offer both an analysis of the
programming languages used in the distribution (C amounts for about 70%,
C++ for about 10%, LISP and Shell are around 5%, with many others to
follow), and the largest packages (Mozilla, the Linux kernel, PM3,
XFree86, etc.)"

The paper is available online at my Debian home page,
http://people.debian.org/~jgb/debian-counting A sligthly older version
has also been published online, in Upgrade Magazine,
There are also available translations into Spanish (see my Debian home

I've also just uploaded SLOCCount to unstable.

Of course, any comment or suggestion is more than welcome.



Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona                | Grupo de Sistemas y
jgb@gsyc.escet.urjc.es / jgb@computer.org | ESCET, Universidad Rey Juan
tel: +34 91 664 74 67                     | c/ Tulipan s/n
fax: +34 91 664 74 90                     | 28933 Mostoles, Spain

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