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Bug#126748: ITP: wmpload -- a program to monitor network device statistics

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package: wmpload
Version: 0.9.5

Author:  Matt Smith <mdsmith@engr.utk.edu>
URL: http://www.engr.utk.edu/~mdsmith/pload/
License: GNU General Public Licence
Description: a program to monitor network device statistics

 Wmpload is a Window Maker dock application to monitor ppp network 
 device statistics and graphs information using Athena stripchart 
 widgets. It  can monitor  any device that reports statistics 
 to /proc/net/dev  including ethernet, plip, loopback etc. It shows 
 totals and  current rates for a given ppp interface and is customizable
 to show using X resources.

 I have prepared the packages and will upload them in a day.

Ramakrishnan M         (http://www.hackGNU.org/)
Debian Project            (rkrishnan@debian.org)

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