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Re: Debian Weekly News - December 27th, 2001

I dont know if you are th right person to say this, but i have a
suggestion for the packages.

> Debian Losing Quality. Brian Wolfe posted a lengthy [7]rant about
> Debian. What he says is valid and describes a somewhat critical
> problem in Debian. While the number of packages and maintainer are
> increasing steadily there are a lot of packages that weren't touched
> for a while, or whose upstream has abandoned them apparently. Old and
> buggy packages shed a bad light on the Debian distribution. Brian asks
> the Debian project to find a way to warn the user if a package is
> abandoned upstream and that its bugs aren't likely to get fixed if the
> maintainer is unwilling/able to fix it.

Tried FreeBSD? Seen the ports? Take a look at www.freshports.org, what
about something like that? that will help people a lot. at leased me :)

Med Vennlig Hilsen / Best regards
Christer Gundersen / dizzy tun3Z

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