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Re: Bug#126567: libreadline4 no longer respects directory separators in tab-completion

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001 19:31:19 +0100
Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:

>  [CC to d-devel so that people stop reporting bugs agains bash, zsh,
>  libreadline... although I'll keep scanning debian-bugs].
> Bill Gribble dijo:
> > On Thu, 2001-12-27 at 12:20, Amaya wrote:
> > > I am experiencing this problem on gnome-terminal, not on console
> > > or xterm (for example). Try it on any editor. See #126546.
> > 
> > A-ha!  That's true for me too.  A shell on the console doesn't
> > exhibit the problem, and I use gnome-terminal within X. 
> So tab is broken on gnome-terminal. Bug is reported. 
> I am growing used to this new behabiour, it saves me so many key
> presses, I may ask Christian not to fix it ;-)

I think libzvt2 is the culprit.  A downgrade of this package removed the
2 tabs problem.

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