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Re: Bug#126567: libreadline4 no longer respects directory separators in tab-completion

On 27 Dec 2001, Bill Gribble wrote:

> On Thu, 2001-12-27 at 10:29, Simon Law wrote:
> > 	Can we confirm whether this is a libreadline thing?  It could be
> > bash's programmable completion feature.  Has the user defined any
> > `complete`s?  If so, maybe he should look at what he's set for his
> > `cd`s.
> I have not done any bash customization at all.  My rc files do nothing
> more than set some environment variables.  It's possible that the
> problem is coming from bash's use of libreadline rather than libreadline
> itself, but it's very unlikely that the problem is my configuration
> (famous last words, I know).

	Hrm...  Could you list the output of `complete` and `set -o` for
me?  I have the same inputrc, and am unable to reproduce the problem.
I am running libreadline4 4.2a-3 and bash 2.05a-3.


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