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Re: Bug#126498: ITP: spambouncer -- a powerful user-based anti-spam solution

martin f krafft wrote:

> The SpamBouncer is a set of procmail recipes, or instructions, which
> search the headers and text of your incoming email for indications of
> spam. If spam is identified, there is a plethora of actions you can
> take, ranging from tagging, deletion, to complaining to upstream, or
> simulating mailer-daemon bounces.
> It's updated frequently so as to accomodate for spammers' volatility,
> and the package would include an easy way to deal with this.
> Please inform me if there is anything that speaks against me packaging
> this program.

Maybe the answer is obvious to experienced package developers, but what
is the "easy way" you plan to handle SpamBouncer's frequent updates?
It's not an issue for unstable as long as you keep up with the changes,
but how is this going to work in a stable release? A badly-outdated copy
of SpamBouncer isn't terribly useful, and is even mildly dangerous if
you have it configured to automatically send complaints.


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