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Bug#123920: ITP:anteater -- Sendmail Log Analyzer written in C++ / Sponsor?

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Description: open source MTA log analyzer written 100% in C++. A
 filter for sendmail logfiles in the default syslog format exists
 already. It's very easy to add new modules for reporting, analysis or
 The output can be in plain Ascii or HTML format. There are some
 examples on the homepage of Tobias Erbsland.
 I already made a package for my own purpose. I'm looking for a
 who can check and upload it.
 Please contact me via CC: because I'm not (jet) on the
 debian-developer mailinglist.

Copyright: GPL
URL: <http://anteater.drzoom.ch/>
Author: Tobias Erbsland <te@profzone.ch>

Markus Garscha <mg@gama.de>

 Markus Garscha                        email: mg@gama.de 
 Hartmannstr. 129                        fon: 09131/626715 
 91058 Erlangen                          fax: +49 89 244356966 
                                   pgp-keyid: 0xEE18AF3B  

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