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Flamewars & Why pedantic spelling is good.

> > "usenet" vs "Usenet" is not a problem.

unless you search case-sensitive. Unfortunately case-sensitivity
sometimes IS the default.

> > "zonefile" is a real word whether MZ recognises it or not.

actually i don't think it is. "zone file" is the common term.
and "otheriwise" certainly is not a real word.

> Some people are picky. IMHO, it is _A_LOT_ easier just to fix two
> words instead of getting a stroke because someone wants "zonefile" to
> be "zone file". Just my 1 cent. :-]

The major gain is when using apt-cache search etc.
If you search for "zone file" and "zonefile", you unfortunately will get
different results. It would be better to have this spelling consistent.
Descriptions aren't just for fun...
So please just apply this patch and fix it in the next upload. Thanks.

Furthermore i think Debian Developers should CARE much more about how
they treat each other. I'm pretty annoied by these flamewars...
This does NOT do any good, neither party will change their behaviour,
but you will get other Developers to argue with each other as well.
(And, no, i do not only blame you, but p.e. BR for flaming MB for his
_very_ unpolite attacks onto the important DDTP Project which were
actually not better (except for the language) than this thread, i
think...) (Names shortened to initials so this hopefully will not lead to
another endless flamewar... thank you.)
You DO HARM the Debian Project with such behaviour, i think.
So PLEASE do keep calm.


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