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Re: Bug#125260: postfix-tls: Spelling error in description

On Tue, Dec 18, 2001 at 03:46:12PM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:

> it's amazing how many thin-skinned jerks think that the appropriate thing
> to do with a private "fuck off" flame is to immediately forward it to a
> public list such as debian-devel. perhaps they think it'll shut me up.
> nope, it just means i'll tell them to fuck off in public too.

That wasn't my reason at all.  I invite you (and folks like you) to continue
your ravings in public as a service to others.  That way, when they receive
your usual "fuck off", they'll know that it's nothing personal, just that
you're a kook.

> every year or so, some dickhead thinks he can "improve" debian by coming
> up with some moronic scheme for automatically generating hundreds or
> thousands of bug reports over some trivially pedantic issue.  MZ is this
> year's.

You are the only source of negative feedback that I've received about this
entire effort, while your ravings about it have already generated quite a
lot of negative responses.

 - mdz

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