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Re: Usage of usr/X11R6/include/X11/pixmaps

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> #include <hallo.h>
> Colin Walters wrote on Sun Dec 16, 2001 um 01:02:17PM:
> > Probably because the current menu manual suggests to do so:
> ...
> >      please put all icon files in the directory
> >      `/usr/X11R6/include/X11/{bitmaps,pixmaps}'.
> Hm, so what... After Woody's release, I should file bug reports against
> all the packages plus menu.
While I understand your concern to make Debian FHS compliant I suggest
to report a Bug-Report with maximum severity "normal" against menu
and after menu has a solution bug reports against all other packages
make sense.  I would not break my packages (XTeddy and Wordnet) just
to make them FHS compliant.

Perhaps a general solution like


would be appropriate.

Kind regards


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