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Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> writes:

>         Hi!
>  I recently noticed that different tools use the one or the other
> environment variable. I personally dislike this inconsistency and guess
> most of the others out there dislike such things, too.
>  reportbug uses DEBNAME; dh_make, vim debchangelog filetype plugin use
> DEBFULLNAME and I guess there might be other tools (emacs has something
> similar but I don't know which one that uses) that use the one or the
> other. I personally like to try to eliminate those inconsistencies and
> bug the packages.
>  So, what I'm asking here is: Which tools do you know that use the one
> or the other environment variable? Which of those two versions do you
> think is better to be used and/or wider used (so to keep bugreports to a
> minimum ;).
dpkg-dev-el (Emacs) uses DEBFULLNAME.

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