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Re: Key still not in keyring

Adam Heath writes:
 > On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Taral wrote:
 > > Well, it seems that keyring-maint isn't very responsive. Yet again, I'm
 > > requesting that my new key be added to the keyring. I am unable to
 > > upload my packages until this is done!
 > By 'beaing in the keyring' do you mean keyring.deb?  That deb always lags the
 > real debian keyring.
 > The one used by katie(to install packages) gets updated quite frequently.
 > Have you tried to upload a package, and run dinstall -n on it?
 > Also, have you checked keyring.debian.org(place this in gnupg's option file)?

I tried twice (in July and in September) to get my gpg key included in
the debian keyring in addition to my old rsa key. I sent mail to
keyring-maint@debian.org but never got any reply. The key still does
not appear on db.debian.org (search for chrism).


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