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Re: Bug#123234: Deprecate BTS "close" command?

Dale Scheetz brought up a very good point; here is part of what he
said and my response (reposted with permission):

----- Forwarded message from Julian Gilbey <J.D.Gilbey@qmul.ac.uk> -----

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 18:53:35 +0000
From: Julian Gilbey <J.D.Gilbey@qmul.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: Bug#123234: Deprecate BTS "close" command?
To: Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 10:03:28AM -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> I would be very disapointed if close was removed from the control commands
> available via e-mail. There are many instances where this is a useful
> cleanup tool for closing a bunch of old bugs. Much easier that ###-done
> messages for each bug report.

You're right.

So what is really needed is a fix to the bts command in the devscripts
package so that one can do the following:

$ bts close 123234 123456
Closing message?  (Use . on a line by itself or EOF to finish.)
These are old bugs and have long been fixed.

and then 123234-done and 123456-done get mailed with this message.

In summary: there are things that are currently more convenient to
do with the "close" command, and we must maintain that convenience
if we switch to doing the "right thing".


----- End forwarded message -----

I plan to modify the bts script to do this, probably in early January,
maybe before if I have time.



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