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Bug#123487: ITP: xmms-sid -- Input plugin for XMMS that plays sid (c64 & amiga) tunes

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
[Cc me on replies, I'm not subscribe to debian-devel]


Description: Input plugin for XMMS that plays sid (c64 & amiga) tunes
 This plugin allows you to play sid tunes within xmms. The C64 and Amiga
 tunes are usually called SID tunes.
 There is a great collection of mostly every sid tune ever produces available.
 It's called High Voltage Sid Collection - HVSC, and can be found on various
 sites around the net, like http://hvsc.c64.org/

Copyright: GPL

URL: <http://www.tnsp.org/>

 Personally I'm a great fan of sid files, I was part of the c64 szene
back in the early 90ies (yes, quite late ;).

 I'll have to contact the xmms author for adding a patch to see the song
position within xmms.  At least I'll include the patch in the
documentation directory until it is included.

 So long,
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To purr feline.
                -- Robert Byrne

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