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Re: Making mutt more friendly towards site customizations

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, KORN Andras wrote:

> > Modifying your own /etc/Muttrc so that it sources /etc/Muttrc.local
> > seems a much better solution to your problem. If the problem is that
> > you have to do this in a lot of computers, consider using scp.
> Believe me, I wouldn't be whining about this if it were that simple. My
> point is that I have _different_ customizations on many computers, so I
> can't just replicate a single Muttrc to all of them.

Then replicate a small collection of them. It seems that you are using
testing on many computers. If you use testing you should be aware that
testing changes every day. If you can't accept this use stable instead,
which only changes once a year, more or less.

In either case, multiplying the number of files you have to customize
will not solve your underlying problem (i.e. that you have to
administer a lot of computers).

> > [ In either case, *wishlist* bugs are not to be reopened again and again
> >   once the maintainer has told you he thinks it's not a good idea ].
> I'm sorry, I must have missed this somewhere. Can you please point me to the
> relevant documentation?

The way I read /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-maint-info.txt (from doc-debian),
only developers should send commands to the bug server.

[ In either case this is not documentation but common practice ].

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