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Internet problem during install

This has been an ongoing problem for me since i first attempted to install 
Debian with my DSL connection.  In the setting up networking section, i would 
choose to set it up via. dhcp, and it states that it's successful, but i 
can't connect to the internet under it.  If i run ifconfig it shows my eth0 
set up with an ip address and all other information, but I am unable to 
connect to anything.  If i go through the setup manually entering in the 
information of my ISP, it works, but I am unable to connect to anyone else on 
my node (142.163.75.XXX).  What I have been doing to get this to work right 
is to allow for it to set up automatically, and on a disk i have a copy of 
dhcpcd that  I copy over to /usr/local/sbin and run it, and everything works 
fine.  Is there something that dhcpcd does that the debian install does not?  
And if so, is there a way to incorporate this into the install process?  It 
took me a long time to figure out that dhcpcd made everything work fine, but 
I"m still baffaled as to why all my devices are set up fine, but I can't 
connect to anything on debian install.

thanks in advance,,


Corey Quilliam
ICQ:  2156236
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