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Re: Best practices for kernel patches?

>> I have started work on packaging a kernel patch, and I've run into an issue
>> that I'm sure that others have dealt with already.

by the way, what would be the canonical way to distribute a iptables patch ?
I looked the kernel-patch-ulog package, but it patches the kernel, and I don't
need that : I just need to build an independant kernel module ... such packages
exist for, e.g., nvidia kernel modules, but I would like to know if there is
some kind of debhelper to build such packages, or if I have to start from
scratch (or from another package). all the stuff about kernel header detection
and so on has to be quite redundant between all, and I did not find information
about that in the policy manual. is there a better source of information for
that concern ?

additionally, my kernel module comes with a userland plugin for iptables ;
should it be packaged separately, or be built along with the kernel module ?
(the userland lib is kernel-independant)

thanks by advance

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