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Re: suck: relocation error: suck: undefined symbol: stat

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Joey Hess 
> | Is this a known problem with libc or the linker or something? I have the
> | same problem.
> (With suck or another package?)

With suck 4.2.5-16.

> I don't really know what has happened here, except that suddenly
> people started turning bug reports about suck not working.  This was
> since libsocks4 used to have the symbol stat, which it doesn't any
> more.
> Upgrading to the version in unstable or recompiling the woody version
> fixes the problem.

Bleh, one of those problems. I'm a few days out of date on usstable, so I
suppose that's it.

see shy jo

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