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Re: Policy on *-dev packages

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:

> On 05-Dec-2001 Phil Blundell wrote:
> >>I noticed that what constitutes a "development environment" isn't very clear
> >>in policy section 11.3
> >
> > What purpose, specifically, would it serve to clarify this section?  In other
> > words, what problems do you think we have now as a result of inadequate
> > specification here?
> >
> > Adding stuff to policy just "because we can" is a waste of everyone's time.
> > If people are getting along OK with what we already have, let's leave it
> > alone.
> >
> There is no verbage explaining what a -dev is other than the vague "a
> development environment".  Policy does not in one clear place explain that it
> must have all needed headers, the .so symlink, the *.{a,la} files, any helper
> apps (like gtk-config) and programming manpages.  There is just a blanket
> assumption here that a maintainer knows what it means to have a -dev package.
> For new maintainers or for those where English not their first (or second)
> language a little extra verbage goes a long way.

Should new maintainers be doing something as complex has a -dev package?

I would object to such verbage outling all that must go into a -dev package
being added to policy.

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