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Policy on *-dev packages

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I noticed that what constitutes a "development environment" isn't very clear 
in policy section 11.3

11.3. Shared libraries
- ----------------------

     Packages involving shared libraries should be split up into several
     binary packages.

     For a straightforward library which has a development environment and
     a runtime kit including just shared libraries you need to create two
     packages: `<libraryname><soversion>', where `<soversion>' is the
     version number in the soname of the shared library[1] and

     If you prefer only to support one development version at a time you
     may name the development package `<libraryname>-dev'; otherwise you
     may need to use `dpkg''s Conflicts mechanism...

I think there should be a clarification of what a development environment is, 
preferably in a note. My position is that all interface files should be 
included in the -dev package, and they should be configured for operating 
with language processors in Debian if necessary.

Do you think such a small addition would be useful?

In addition, although it is said that in 11.2 that "All libraries must have a 
shared version in the `lib*' package" and in 11.3 that all shared libraries 
must have a corresponding -dev package, there is no policy on what a *-dev 
package should be in general.


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