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Debconf Toronto opportunity

Hi Joe (et al),

A friend of mine just sent me a link to your e-mail Re: Debconf in Toronto,
or lack thereof.

If the debian development community is indeed interested in hosting this
conference in Toronto, the York University Computer Club would be happy to
assist you in any way possible. Specifically we could arrange for (most
likely) free rooms to be booked at our university (http://www.yorku.ca).

If you're interested, could you please let me know ASAP what your specific
requirements are.

Alex Anglin
Webmaster, York University Computer Club (YUCC)

P.S. I am not subscribed to the debian-devel list. Please CC me directly on
any relevant e-mails.
P.P.S If things have already been taken care of, the please disregard this

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