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Kernel 2.4.x compiling in Woody

I have been following the list for some time, and I haven't seen
this come up:  I just transitioned to Woody and I can't compile
2.4.x kernels.

I checked gcc bugs and there looked like some that could account
for this; they've been passed upstream.

In the meantime, I have to compile kernels on another potato
system that has a working setup; but this is a little tedius.
I would like some way to compile on my own system.  Here's what I
_have_ tried:

1. re-installing the compiler packages "just in case"

2. installing a potato base system in a chroot environment and
trying to compile there.  I was stunned when this didn't work.

3. downgrading to the gcc-2.95.2 and cpp from potato.  This
certainly seemed like it should work as well, but it didn't

I'd be happy to give more details, if necessary, but I thought I
would see if this is a know problem with a workaround.



Don Bindner <dbindner@truman.edu>

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