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Re: Fwd: Unseen debian maintainers (fwd)

On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 10:34:44PM +0000, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
> Help needed from any developers who can help sort this one out.  I _am_ 
> a Debian developer and have a valid GPG key in the keyring.  I posted 
> something about problems earlier. I'm getting replies like the one 
> below.

AFAICT, you signed this message:

gpg: Signature made Sun Dec  2 22:34:55 2001 GMT using DSA key ID E93ADE7B

But in the keyring, the only key of yours I see is:

polya:~ $ gpg --list-keys cater
pub  2048R/3BB8C931 1998-08-31 Andrew Martin Adrian Cater <amacater@debian.org>
uid                            Andrew Martin Adrian Cater <amacater@galactic.demon.co.uk>

So it seems that you only have your old RSA key in the keyring, unless
something's changed since 22 Sep. 2001.



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