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Re: dpkg-source -i on debian native packages

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 01:46:20PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Adam Heath wrote:
> > Never build a full release from the cvs work directory.  Always cvs export to
> > another directory first.
> > 
> > Doing test builds from the cvs work dir is fine.  But do final releases from a
> > temp dir.  Sometimes, the cvs work dir is poluted, and having a fresh checkout
> > is safer for repeatability.
> It is pretty hard to cvs export when you are not on the net, or when you
> are behind a dog-slow dialup connection and a cvs export would take an
> hour.
> Any "pollution" of a cvs working directory should be easily detectable,
> and is no more likely than "pollution" of a directory that is not
> managed by cvs. Just make sure that your build script deals with .#*
> files at the same time it is dealing with *~ files and so on. The real
> problem to watch out for if building in this way is that any source
> files you add to the tree are included in the tarball, but may not yet
> be in cvs, which could result in an inconsistent tagging of your build
> tree.
> I used to have my build scripts copy the working directory to a
> temporary directory, remove all the cvs cruft from there, and build
> there (poor man's cvs export..), but the big problem with building in a
> temporary directory, no matter how it's generated is that this doesn't
> let you fully test your debian/rules clean. I found that my packages
> were accumulating many bugs in the clean rule and so I stopped building
> in a temporary tree.
> BTW, see bug #75947

If the program uses automake (and the author worked good ;)), a 'make dist' 
suffices to build up a distribution tar.gz file, ie without CVS/RCS and
other trash in it, starting from the development tree. 
My programs do this when I play as The Upstream Man :)

Francesco P. Lovergine

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