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Re: supporting ext3 in A. Bunk's 2.4.x potato kernel packages

Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> wrote:
>> I'm about building ext3 2.4.x kernel packages for potato, based on A.
>> Bunk's packages.
>> However, ext3 depends on util-linux (>=2.11) and this version doesn't
>> appear on Adrian's page.

> I don't think you need it at all for ext3. I am running ext3 (with
> kernel 2.4.13-ac5) on potato+bunk for some weeks now, and have had no
> problems. 

Iirc you'll need the up to date mount from util-linux if you want to
use auto as fs-type in fstab, to be able to boot both kernels with and
without ext3-support, older Kernels'll mount as ext2, newer ones as
           cu andreas
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