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Re: Modifying httpd.conf by post(inst|removal) scripts

Ola Lundqvist (2001-11-25 11:08:51 +0100) :

> So I wrote a very inofficial policy proposal that I intend to
> propose quite soon (when I have some more time to update it).
> You can read it on http://www.opal.dhs.org/involved/debian/apache/

Hear, hear!  I like it.  Really.  The webapp.d directory is something
I have longed for since I started packaging Sourceforge.  I didn't
understand exactly the part about the modules and the symlinks, but I
expect it'll be better explained in the next draft :-)

  I'm completely with you on this proposal, from the point of view of
a web program packager.

  From the point of view of an administrator, though, it might be a
bit complex to handle all these files.  I haven't thought about it
long enough to have a definite position on that point.

Roland Mas

Il vaut mieux insulter une commode Louis XV qu'une armoire à glace.

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