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Re: Please stop the discrimination of non-free packages

On 22 Nov 2001, James Troup wrote:

> Are you volunteering, to do so?  Was Adrian?  If not, you better do
> so, so _you_ don't ``discriminate'' against non-free packages!!!!
James, I really know you did an awful lot of work and all people
concerned to Debian have to thank you.  Moreover I really understand
your irritation about not carefully choosen words like 'discrimination'.

But how can we get profit from this discussion?

There is a problem: No autobuilders for non-free.
There is a reason for this Problem: Perhaps broken license.
There was a suggestion to have a partly solution: Make a list (perhaps
a positive list where the maintainer of the package is responsible for
adding his package to this list.  He knows the license and perhaps can
ask on debian-legal) of packages which *can* be build.

And no, you will not prevent me from suggesting things I consider
reasonable only because I do not volunteer.  This is no sane answer
to a suggestion.  Nobody has asked *you* to implement it.  But perhaps
somebody who is personally interested would volunteer to implement.
If not - what's your problem.  Nobody will blame you for not doing
things you have reasons to avoid.  There was no offense against you -
just a suggestion how to possibly solve a problem.

If it should come to the case that the suggestion would be implemented
and it will come true that a package is autobuilded but can't because
the broken license forbids this we have the BTS.  Just file a bug against
the package and the maintainer has to care about it.  He could fix it
by removeing the package from the non-free-autobuilder list - or convince
upstream to fix there license (which would be a very small step foreward
into the right direction).

Kind regards and thanks James for all your fine work


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