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Re: The Second Great Spelling Check (Re: Package descriptions and making them better)

* Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> [20011117 16:19]:
> If you correct spelling errors in your packages which are included in my
> diff, please either
> 1. Notify me via email (privately or to this thread)
> 2. Include my name in your .changes file and upload, so that I get the
>    notification via -changes
> This way, I won't file bugs against packages which have already been
> corrected.

Although I really like what you're doing I think this is not acceptable.
You really should be doing a spelling check on current packages before
filing bugs.  I don't know how hard it would be but the ideal solution
would be to automate most of the process (as a side effect of this,
you could easily do another spelling checking in a year or so).

A good short term solution would be to check if the current control
file has the ^- line from the diff.  If not, the description obviously
changed (you could even check if it changed to the ^+ line -- then
the patch has been incorporated).

Martin Michlmayr

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