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Re: ITP: opengate -- H.323 gatekeeper

> I am happy to package this RFP.

Great, are you doing it already?

I'm gonna upload new pwlib and openh323 libs in the near future, they have
changed quite a lot, completely reworked, fixed bugs, changed places for the
development files and all that to meet an agreement with other distros.

I have left a copy which is not final but should be close to it, in fact, I
don't plan to do any changes on them besides cosmetic ones.

For everybody that wants to take a look and them and report back or are
working on any openh323 based packaging, they cat get the libs via ftp or
http at ftp.manty.net/download/h323test

Please let me know if you find something wrong with the libs.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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