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Re: RFC: Keywords instead of Section

* lintux@lintux.cx <lintux@lintux.cx> [011118 11:11]:
> >     license:gpl, license:bsd, license:prop, license:other
> >  However, "license:other" still doesn't serve any particular
> >  purpose.  I can always do without it by asking for packages that
> >  are
> >      !license:gpl && !license:bsd && !license:prop
> How to mark non-free so that VRMS can find it? ;-)

<troll mode>

Perhaps "stigma:non-free"?       :->

This could be enhanced with "stigma:emacsmode", 
"stigma:perl", "stigma:xml" or "stigma:gui" ...

</troll mode>

  Bernhard R. Link

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