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Re: Re: RFC: Keywords instead of Section

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On Saturday 17 November 2001 00:04, Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu wrote:
> > Currently, I've tried to determine which programming language to use for
> > this task. Perhaps I should direct it here.
> >
> > Which programming language would you think is most suitable for realizing
> > a particular logic language?
>   Although it's a painful thought, you might want to
> consider that all our package management frontends
> (the programs that would need to use this) are currently
> written in C and C++. [0] I am not aware of Haskell -> C
> bindings :-/
>   Daniel
>   [0] unless I ever write that Scheme-based frontend
> I've been muttering about for a while now.

Well, Haskell can already interface with C quite easily. It wouldn't be 
problematic to provide a generic front end to the language processor. You 
only need to pass I/O between two languages and that wouldn't be too 
complicated (read no graph or tree) if I'm thinking the right thing now. :)


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