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Re: OS-X, Fink, dpkg and a debian developer?

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 11:35:29PM -0500, Shaya Potter wrote:
> I'm sure people have seen the coverage of whats going on with the fink
> project.  What caught my attention was that it uses dpkg.  I seem to
> remember a debian developer working at apple years ago (say circa
> 1997-1998) and doing work on getting dpkg to work with there new OS.  I
> forget his name (seem to recall that he went to MIT)

Klee Dienes (sp?). He was one of the main dpkg developers in the old
days.  He's been essentially MIA ever since I've been a maintainer,
although I have seen a few messages from him.

The rumour mill held that Klee was working on dpkg, in his day job at
Apple, as a package manager for Mac OS X.  As far as I know, nothing
much like dpkg surfaced in the released versions of OS X...

I don't know of a link between Klee's work on dpkg and fink's.


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