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Re: The right way to not start daemons

Le Tuesday 06 November 2001 à 08:20:27, Craig Small a écrit:
> The point is, should there be a single suggested method that all daemons
> use?  I think it would be nice that, for example, a user knew that
> putting a file /etc/<package>/no_start_<daemon> worked for most
> packages.

I did not find the solution I use in the thread.

I just do a:
# chmod -x /etc/init.d/daemon

Another simple:
# chmod +x /etc/init.d/daemon
to activate the daemon again.

# sh /etc/init.d/daemon start
to start it by hand

I also like the complaint of init at boot and shutdown time
"sh: /etc/init.d/daemon: bad interpreter: Permission denied"
to remind me that the daemon is deactivated. OK the message is not so
clear and may confuse a user.

I do not know of any negative side effect.

Ludovic Rousseau                           Ludovic.Rousseau@free.fr
-- Normaliser Unix c'est comme pasteuriser le Camembert, L.R. --

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