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Mount tmpfs on /dev/shm per default?

Hi all,

just one small question: wouln't it be nice (and of course POSIX compiant) to 
mount tmpfs to /dev/shm? Almost all recent distros are doing this.

Ok, I could file a wish, but moreover I want to know, why this has not 

Configure.help shows (grep for Tmpfs):
  You should mount the filesystem somewhere to be able to use
  POSIX shared memory. Adding the following line to /etc/fstab should
  take care of things:

  tmpfs         /dev/shm        tmpfs           defaults        0 0

  Remember to create the directory that you intend to mount tmpfs on
  if necessary (/dev/shm is automagically created if you use devfs).

If we want to make it run on all systems (also on 2.2 Kernels), maybe we have 
mount shmfs instead of tmpfs (which is relatively new and a reimplementation 
of shmfs).


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