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Re: Mozilla and testing

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 05:27:37PM -0500, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 10:08:44AM +0100, Stefan Schwandter wrote:
> > Is
> > 
> > * out of date on arm: libnspr-dev, libnspr4, libnss-dev, libnss3, 
> >    mozilla-browser, mozilla-dev,
> >    mozilla-mailnews, mozilla-psm, mozilla-xmlterm (from 2:0.9.1-2)
> > 
> > really the only thing that prevents mozilla from migrating into testing?
> > If yes, would it be able to try a new build on arm, the last one was on
> > Wed 24 Oct 2001 and failed because the source couldn't be fetched.
> I don't think that this is implied; there could be other reasons why mozilla
> would not make it into testing that are not displayed.

no, out of date on unignored architectures is enough to keep something
out of testing.

if the excuses page only lists out of date on arm as a problem (and it
does) and then says mozilla is `not considered' then its arm thats
preventing mozilla from entering testing.

you can tell if its something else preventing it if the excuses page
says `will be installed unless dependent on buggy packages'.

right now mozilla is not considered eligible for testing, and its
arm's fault.

Ethan Benson

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