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Re: Your password

Mathew Eis writes:
 > Do we get to bill them $1999 for an advertisement?
 > http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#ads
 > I noticed that sot.com has a Linux distribution, and this
 > may have been an indirect attemt to advertize it...
 > A mysterious person <sales@sot.com> wrote:

SOT has used spammish methods before. I say spammish, because both
times (including this) I've received email from them they've tried to
conceal their spam as something else. The first time was somewhere
between spam and a friendly contact - I have not decided. In this
case, however, email seems to be unsolicited, unwanted commercial

The distribution of SOT, Best Linux, is a common RPM-based
distribution in Finland - especially among the beginners as it's very
easy to install.

I have met some people who work for SOT. Nice people, I think, but
(some of) their marketing methods are suspect. Unless SOT gives an
acceptable explanation I do know one distro I'll never use.

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