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I cant be that professional... you eighter (was: Bug#118388: intent to NMU merlin-cpufire)

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 03:58:04PM +0100, Michael Weber wrote:
>  Firstly, the acceptable waiting period - the time between when the
>  bug is submitted to the BTS and when it is OK to do an NMU - is seven
>  days for porters working on the unstable distribution.

I would suggest to start the waiting period AFTER a patch was posted.

A only if it is a in any way 'important' package (means: anything is
depending on it or it is an standard package or corruption is fatal for
users) it is justified to NMU within less than 10 days.

I will be pissed off if anybody is NMUing a package of mine in less than 2
weeks. And I mean it will immediatelly ITOed.

I do no longer enjoy working for Debian under those kind of pressure and I
do not think you will find a lot of volunteers which can keep up with that
kind of strict time restrictions. I do not want to make a VAC mail every
time i have to go to the shower.


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