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Re: The right way to not start daemons

On Tue, 06 Nov 2001, Craig Small wrote:
> You have a file /etc/lprng/dont_start_lpd or similar if it exists then
> you dont run the daemon.  This is what ssh and pppd do
> You have a file like /etc/lprng/lpd.options that may have a line in it
> dont_run_lpd. init.d greps  for it and if found doesn't start the
> daemon.

It is probably better in /etc/default/daemonname; that's the place where
init.d options (as oposed to the configuration of the daemon themselves) are
supposed to be, I think.

> I suppose there is a way of using debconf here too, perhaps there are
> other ways.

Using debconf with a /etc/default/file is quite easy, and many packages do
this (such as samba, fetchmail...)

> The point is, should there be a single suggested method that all daemons
> use?  I think it would be nice that, for example, a user knew that
> putting a file /etc/<package>/no_start_<daemon> worked for most
> packages.

No, there is not :(  There isn't even a "more widely used" method AFAIK...

> Of course there would be exceptions, but I think a guide would be good.
> This is especially so for people like me who are about to implement it
> and therefore can make a choice.

Well, when this thread ends, summarize it in a wishlist bug to the packaging

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