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Re: Grub and LILO

* Daniel Stone (DanielS@esd.nec.com.au) [011105 03:12]:
> Why not just add a small amount of Debconfage (priority low or medium)
> to ask them if they want GRUB to do the necessary work?

I would second this.  Ask the user if they wish to use GRUB as the
default boot loader.  Add some logic to make sure LILO or some other
boot loader isn't being used (if it is, deactivate it) and set up
GRUB to work right.

If the user wishes to use GRUB, or LILO to build floppies, or as a
second boot loader and have a OS menu, or whatever, they can say
"no" to making GRUB the default boot loader.

Frankly, with the proper hooks set up (see my /etc/kernel-img.conf
sent earlier), GRUB is 100% painless for a newbie, yet has the power
an expert demands.


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