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Re: KDE directory layout

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On Sunday 04 November 2001 21:19, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> a)  There's no way I'm changing the library layout for KDE2 this close to
> release let alone any of the other file directories.  If you were around
> during the KDE1 -> KDE2 time you would know the issues with moving the
> directories around.

OK. Don't touch KDE 2.x, it's not needed after all.

What about KDE 3?

> b)  Why move the libraries at all?  Upstream is making sure that KDE3 libs
> don't conflict with KDE2 libs.

OK. On debian-kde I listed exactly what my problem is with the KDE 3 
libraries and development packages. Why does that happen then?

> c)  You should probably do a little research on the problems with kstddirs.

I guess I know enough of that, I'd read all the kdelibs code related to 
locate* functions when I was doing hacking on gideon packaging.

I have two problems with the directory layout:
  1) They seem to prevent some stuff from working together.
  2) They clutter the fs name space; they seem to be a bit unconventional for 
KDE installation.

I wouldn't mind at all if I could just have KDE 3 development packages 
working peacefully right now :) But on the other hand some people might want 
to try out stuff from KDE 3. For instance, the new kmail has SMTP 
authentication, etc. etc.


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